Has anyone converted their webinars to podcasts?

Hi have a project that is interested in syndicating their past webinars to podcasts for their members, does anyone have any recommendations?

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Sounds like a great idea — but what are you looking for in terms of a recommendation?

Presentation Manager XD allows you to download the audio. (Details here.)

Once you've downloaded the audio, you can use software like Adobe Audition, or something free like Audacity, to edit the audio.

Then host and distribute your podcast.

Great way to practice content reuse and, potentially, expand your audience.


Yes, you answered both of my unasked questions, mainly conversion and distribution. Thanks so much!

Very welcome! Best of luck with this!

I hadn't thought of this before, but it's an interesting idea!

I've also looked into this briefly as well. I believe On24 Gateway also has an easy way to create a podcast and link it to different sites. Great idea!

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Hi Emily, I have exported the webinar and converted to audio, initially for internal education, so a straight up audio convesion is simple. We are keen to top and tail with fresh / relevant intro and release as podcasts to an external audience so looking forward to more input on this discussion RE platforms & marketing.

I haven't yet, but am very interested in the possibility. I know lots of people use the webcasts as podcasts. The listen on their phones while driving and don't even bother looking at the slides--which usually works well, depending on the content of the slides.

Hi Emily,

This is an interesting idea. Is it possible just to use the audio recording for podcast purposes?

I would love to use this for our members, but the majority of them prefer to have visuals when it comes to the topics.

Best of luck with your search.

No. But we take the mp4 files and post as links for future playback post live event.

This is a great idea! We currently don't do podcasts but it is something that we have discussed many times and would certainly work for some, not all, of our webinar content.

Not yet but looking for suggestions and best practices.

great suggestions I'll give a try and see the results.

This works really well if you have a speaker who isn't heavy on visuals. It doesn't work for every type of webinar, but we've definitely seen it be possible for some.

Another idea is to take 10-15 minute portions of webinars and click them out, add an into/outro and turn that into a podcast.

Hey Tracy,

Could you provide me with the names of those who convert their webcasts as podcast? I'd love to take a look!

I don't know of anyone who has actually converted. Some of my listeners just play the webcasts on their mobile devices and listen only (instead of watching the screen), so in effect, it is a podcast. I hope that makes more sense!

Thanks, Carlo! : )

An article that lists some tools that can help you with:

  • Feed validation
  • MP3 tagging
  • Analytics
  • Transcription
  • Jazzing up your audio

Some of the tools are mentioned in the context of planning a podcast but are also relevant to planning webinars.

Definitely thought about it, but we haven't quite figured out our overall webinar machine, so that's first!

We are working on doing this with our next webinar!